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Build your online presence to meet up with your goals!

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We are a creative Web agency with a bunch of bold builders around!

[dt-service-box title=”BUILD & DEVELOP” style=”style-2″ dicon=”icon-wrench” bg_color=”#f5f5f5″ dt_animation=”wow fadeInUp”]With latest web technologies and standards[/dt-service-box]
[dt-service-box title=”UI/UX DESIGN” style=”style-2″ dicon=”icon-crop” bg_color=”#ededed” dt_animation=”wow fadeInUp” dt_animation_delay=”0.3″]We’ll design the best experience your visitors and clients can have.[/dt-service-box]
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Mobile App Development.
API Development.
Analyzing & Reporting.
Graphic and Web Design.
Technical translation.


Content Restrict Pro Paid Trial Add-On.
PAYMEE WooCommerce Extension.
SysPay WooCommarce Extension.
SMS Mode WordPress Plugin.


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We've been building some great projects over the years. Some of our great projects are shown in the portfolio


We love to contribute to the open source because we believe the web won’t be better without it. Some of our open source projects on GitHub

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[dt_testimonials_slider][dt_testimonial client_name=”Khalid Suleimani” client_company=”Chrome Advisory” client_thumbnail=”117″]”I have been working with aqazi studio since 2015 and recommend their service.”[/dt_testimonial][dt_testimonial client_name=”Jeremy Rudel” client_company=”We Coach Immo” client_thumbnail=”118″]”Ahmed was a force for proposals and above all there was no problem when I asked for modifications. The result is in line with my expectations. I recommend!”[/dt_testimonial][dt_testimonial client_name=”Michael Doe” client_company=”Fab Media” client_thumbnail=”120″]”I am in awe with this theme. Very flexible, very solid and clean, very customizable and the backend settings look flawless. It is a total steal for the money. Thank you so much!”[/dt_testimonial][/dt_testimonials_slider]
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We have plans that suits your project goals at the best prices on the market. From personal/landing websites to advanced web applications, we are the team that will deliver the best results.
Pick your plan now!

You have a custom project in mind. We are here to cover your needs.


* Money back guarantee
* One year updates & maintenance FREE!

[dt-pricing-column pricing_title=”Starter” pricing_price=”$499″ pricing_currency=”FROM” pricing_interval=”start at” pricing_tagline=”The perfect plan for personal websites, landing pages, blogs. Start you web journey with an elegant and professional website that reflects your identity.” dt_pricing_list=”- Any CMS.,- Premium design.,- Frequent updates.,- Instant support.” pricing_cta=”Pick the plan” pricing_cta_link=””]
[dt-pricing-column pricing_title=”Pro” pricing_price=”$899″ pricing_currency=”FROM” pricing_interval=”start at” pricing_tagline=”The plan suitable for businesses/individuals wishing to set up an e-commerce project and/or to add advanced functionnalities within their web/mobile apps.” dt_pricing_list=”- Any CMS/E-commerce platform.,- Premium design.,- Frequent updates.,- Instant support.” pricing_cta=”Pick the plan” pricing_cta_link=”” pricing_featured=”featured-column”]